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Mondkabarett Ensemble


The "Mondkabarett ensemble" is formed of 6 musicians (vocals,piano,violin/viola,cello, flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet) and was created in Rennes in 2018. 

Our project started with Arnold Schönberg's emblematic piece "Pierrot Lunaire", and then developed with a second part, made of arrangements (made by our pianist Pierre Rouinvy) of Kurt Weil's songs. We brought these two composers together around the themes of the moon and the cabaret: the Mondkabarett was born. 

Musicians: Sophie Belloir, mezzo-soprano / Chani Stroobant, violin / Lucie Montbessoux, flute / Pierre Rouinvy, piano / Claire Martin-Cochet and David Poro, cello / Fann Chellé, clarinet

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