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System D, french saying, definition: The art of getting by in a field with one's ingenuity and logical sense, but without adequate equipment or particular support.


The idea for System D began to emerge during the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020. During this time, I didn't have the opportunity to meet up with my colleagues to rehearse and play our usual repertoire. I always had the desire to create a solo project, just me and my clarinet. I came to it by force of circumstance.

I started recording songs inspired by traditional music (Mediterranean and Balkan music) in multi-track on my computer; without really knowing how to use software, tinkering as I could to get the desired result. I recorded the clarinet parts, then being rather limited in instrumental possibilities, I used everyday objects to create percussions and sound ambiences. All this was made really using Système D... Later, I wanted to present my creations in concert. I learned how to amplify my clarinet, add effects and loop pedals... Système D was born.

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